You tickle them, you hurt them, and sometimes you even make them cry, but, a friend is like the shore that never fails to embrace the wave, not even scared of the surging sea drowning its existence far and wide..



I can smell the ashes,
Is something dead within?

Was that the hope, lit from times immemorial,
Or was the dream, the stubborn heart dreamt,
Or it was the self that I put out to hang,
To let the worldly peers perch around.

Did words of wisdom fall deaf on thy ears
Not to quit, but to hold on
When you lay on ventilators, counting breathe,
And the life lost its way down,

Didn’t you recall the Power of the cosmos,
Didn’t the universe conspire to bring on,
What remained there unaccomplished,
For whatever the reason,
Should that count?

I smell the ashes, thou leave behind,
And the naive tear topples down,
But the shut lids, refuse to open,
Reluctant not to let thou be gone…

The Childhood

The hay days and the twinkling nights,
Mother’s arms and Dad’s Pride;
The school bells, the evening plays,
Yes, those were the golden days.

With the dream to blossom into young,
Chased the kites far and flung;
A step to step into dad’s shoes,
Every inch gained, was the news.

No clouds of doubt, no greed to gain,
Only simple wounds and simple pains;
The freeing ease of carefree-ness,
That true valour of candidness.

Oh, how much I miss that spirited mode,
At every step I flung or every step i stood,
That true treasure I had..And i wish I could..
The simple wisdom of the CHILDHOOD..

The Compromise

When you compromise, you set yourself free from the voices outside. But one day, you hear your inner voice mocking at you, mind throwing balls of questions at you. And you have no answers, because that day you feel like an escapist who resorted to the easiest way – the COMPROMISE..